Arranged Marriage

Arranged Marriage

singles varel Randeep had no hair. But that wasn’t his biggest problem. He had an unstable wife, named, Sunny. The marriage had been arranged by his and her family. That was the way of the world. In the past he had wished he was another religion. It seemed that his parents didn’t even follow the rules of their religion closely – they picked and chose what parts to follow. Usually the parts they chose really fucked with Randeeps lifestyle.

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i migliori segnali opzioni digitali However, when he first met Sunny, he was blown away. She was smoking hot, had great legs, a sizeable rack and gigantic behind. What more could a man want? Her personality could be cultivated. Maybe arranged marriages weren’t that bad after all. The ceremony lasted seven days. Seven long days in the heat. Unknown relatives emerged from the woodwork to attend, they came in the in the hundreds, mostly to eat free food. Most of them filled up their plates, ate, refilled, and then left without leaving a gift.

go here Once the wedding was over Randeep moved Sunny into his house. They made love on the first night. She was very nervous, and he was careful to be as tender as he possibly could. He stroked her hair, nibbled her earlobes, did all the things the studs did in the movies.

source link Things were looking up.  

This life of arranged marriage and religion wasn’t so bad after all. His meals were cooked, his clothes were washed, and he was able to watch his team, Liverpool without Sunny bitching. Happy days.

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doxycycline 100mg dosage chlamydia A few months later things slowly began to change. Sunny laid on a few pounds, and spent most of the day and evenings lying flat out the couch, spending hours scrolling through Instagram on her phone.

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Further along the line, she became obese, or near enough to it, and she no longer did anything around the house.


Randeep walked in one evening, after working ten hours at his uncle’s shop. He was beat. He unfolded a newspaper, hoping to read up on Liverpool before the game that night.


“What time do you call this?” she asked.


“Hello to you too, honey,” he replied. He wanted to kiss her, but realized it was a bad idea. She was in one of her moods.


“The phone rang earlier. When I answered it the person on the other end hung up.” Sunny rolled onto her side, so she could look at him. “They hung up and didn’t call back.”




“You know anything about that, Randeep?”


“Should I?”


“Should you?”


“I’m confused.”


“You’ll be more than confused in a minute if I find out the caller is who I think it is.”


“Who’s that darling?”


“Don’t play dumb, shit stain. Don’t darling me, shit stain. It was your ex, Sangeeta, wasn’t it, shit stain?”


“Now wait a moment honey, you’re talking nonsense. What’s all this shit stain, stuff?”


“That’s what I find in your pants when I wash them.” Sunny stood up. She looked powerful under the light.


“That’s not true baby, what’s the matter?”


“I found her on Facebook. Sangeeta. Then I found her Instagram. She has twitter. I tweeted her.”


“Why would you do that, baby? Please be reasonable.”


“Reasonable? Reasonable? She got back to me. She said you and her will always have a thing.”


Randeep felt faint. He needed a glass of water. He got into the kitchen, filled up a glass, took a swig. “She’s nuts, baby. I’m a married man. Don’t listen to her.”


“She said you were with her yesterday. Is that true?”




“Is that true?”




“Is it?”


“I bumped into her at lunch. I was at that nice place, in the mall, and I happened to see her, that’s all.”


“Happened to see her, eh? That’s not how she put it. She said you arranged to meet? She said you wanted to have a drink with her. Since when did you drink, shit stain?”


“Honey, work is stressful. Sometimes I have to take the edge off.”


“God will punish you in heaven.”


“I can handle it. By then I’ll be able to handle it.”


“Nobody can handle god’s wrath.”


“I’ve handled worse wrath, already.”


“Excuse me?”




“If you have something to say, shit stain, then say it. Well, do you?”


Randeep looked at the floor. “No.”


Sunny waded through the dining room and headed into the kitchen. Randeep heard cupboard doors opening, then he heard her rummaging through the food. Then he heard her chewing. He hated that sound. It was all she did. Chew on junk food. Soon Sunny was back with a coke in one hand and a Snickers bar in the other.


“Did you fuck her?”


Randeep stood silently.


“Answer me. Did you fuck her?”


“Well, yes, in the past.”


“Don’t be smart, shit stain. I mean yesterday. Did you fuck her?”


“No, of course not.”


“That’s not what she said. She said you took her home and fucked her. She said, you gave it to her.”


“Good god, why are you asking me things if you think you know the answer. I can’t win.”


A tear ran down Sunnys face.


“What did I do to deserve you? I’m a good wife. I cook, I clean, I do everything…” Sunny began weeping heavily and uncontrollably. “I … I … I deserve better.”


Randeep started to feel bad for his wife. He wanted to console her. “Honey, listen, Sangeeta doesn’t mean anything to me. She’s a liar. A whore.”


“But you fucked her, didn’t you? Tell the truth. I’ll forgive you if you tell the truth. You did, didn’t you?”


Randeep paused. “Well …”


“Ha, you see,” she pointed at him. “I was right. You did it. God will punish you. I was right. You shit stain, I was right.”


“Hey, you never let me answer. Of course I didn’t fuck her.”


She moved to the kitchen and when she returned she had a big knife in her hand. Her face was swollen and puffy. Her eyes were rolling. “Get out of here … Get the fuck out of here.”


“Put that down baby please.”


Randeep tried to disarm her, but she was too strong. There was a struggle. Then the knife sunk into his chest. Small bloody bubbles gargled from his lips. Then he was on the floor, bleeding out.


Sunny lay down on the couch and picked up her phone. She opened Facebook and started scrolling. She took a bite out of the Snickers bar and started typing out a message to Sangeeta.


Hello whore …


Randeeps eyes closed …

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