Crazy Ex

Crazy Ex I got so down that there was nothing left to do but put a call into Adriana. It rang twice, then she answered. I heard her breathing. “Hello,” she said. “Who is this? … Who the fuck is this?” I couldn’t answer. I didn’t like to answer her when we were together let alone now. I cut the call and walked to the fridge. I’ll find solace in food, I thought.

follow site My mobile rang. I answered without checking the caller I.D.

follow “It’s me,” said the voice.

rencontre ernee “Oh yeah. What do you want?”

source site “Why do you sound like that?” “I don’t know. It was the voice I was given.”

franquicias agencias matrimoniales espaГ±a “No, Apple. I mean why do you sound so angry?”

enter Apple. That was what my ex, Caroline called me. To this day, I have no idea why.

“Oh, hey … didn’t realize it was you. How’s things?”

“Remember Paul?”


“We were engaged. Paul … You remember.”

I had no idea who Paul was, but I could already see where she was headed.

“Oh yeah Paul. How is he? You guys, good?”

“I left him. He’s a cunt.”

“I’m sure he’s not so bad.”

“He fucked Sally.”


“You remember Sally, right?”

“Oh yeah, sure I do. Sally.”

“Shall I come over?”


“Yes, Apple. I miss you.”

“I’m busy at the moment.”

“You got a woman there? Who is it?”

“No … Nothing like that. I’m just busy … with work.”


“Jesus, Caroline, calm down.”


The phone went dead. I made a sandwich and streamed a football game on my MacBook. The game was getting good when the front door shuddered. That was how Caroline knocked. I closed the laptop and opened up. She moved past me, searching the space.

“Well, where is she?”

“Take a seat Caroline, for Christ sake, no one is here.”

“Well, why didn’t you just say that on the phone?”

“I did … forget it. You want a drink? Cup of tea or something?”

“Tea? Don’t you have anything stronger?”


I walked into the kitchen and poured her a glass of red wine. When I handed it to her, she was sitting.

“My drink. You remembered.”

I nodded.

“I missed you. Paul was nothing like you. He was a bastard.”

“You called me a bastard many times before. You called me a lot worse …”

She took a good swallow of wine. And then another.

“I didn’t come here to fight.”

“That’s nice to hear. Why did you come?”

“To talk, Apple. About old times. You remember the good old days? Pour me another drink.”

She got out of her coat. She was wearing black boots, a little skirt and skimpy blouse. She looked good. But her unpredictable nature was enough to keep on the other side of the room.

I handed her the bottle. She filled it up, drank it, then filled the glass again.

“This cheap shit,” she yelled throwing the empty bottle to the floor. Booze made her act crazy. Or crazier than usual.

“Okay, Caroline, time to go.” I stood up.

“Bullshit. I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying. You know what I want.”

She got up, staggered toward me. Her lips were on mine. She sucked, and slobbered. I pushed her off gently. She fell onto the couch, face first. Her eyes were closed, but the lids were blinking.

I got a blanket and threw it over her back.

Then I opened my laptop and watched the remainder of the game. Arsenal was losing. Everywhere I looked life was screwing me.


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