Dentist at Christmas

Dentist at Christmas It was Christmas Eve. I got my i7 and called the dentist. I wasn’t expecting anyone to pick up. Eventually, somebody did.

buy Viagra online in Los Angeles California “Streatham Dentist, how can I help?”

enter site “Its my wisdom tooth, it hurts. It really hurts…”

“Name, date of birth?”

partnervermittlung millionär I gave him the details and waited. I heard him punching keys.

enter site “Hmm,” he said, “hmmm. You were in yesterday?” “I was.”

follow site “You had a crown on the upper left?” “I did.”

go “Did you tell the dentist about the wisdom tooth pain, then?”

“Yeah, I told him.”

ä vasotec 5 mg “And he didn’t prescribe anything?”

what is aspirin 300 mg used for “Like what?”

protonix cost per pill “Antibiotics? Nothing?”


“My god, this is an emergency … come in. Come in immediately”

I sat up. Then stood up. “When, now? I can get there now.”

“No, come in at eleven. There are no appointments now.”

I looked at my watch. It was nine o’clock. “Okay, I’ll see you then.” I sat down.


I brushed my teeth carefully. The pain was unbearable. The upper side of my face was throbbing, right up to my eye socket. How can one tooth be so debilitating? Experts say pregnancy is bad. They have no idea. The government has it all wrong. Forget torture. If you want information from a captured terrorist, feed them sugared sweets every day, and then sit back and wait. Eventually, they’d crack …


I arrived at eleven. Nobody was there. I waited at reception for ten minutes and no one arrived. Another five minutes passed. This is nuts, I thought. If I wanted to steal something I could. I looked around for things to take. Somebody needed to teach them a lesson. But there was nothing worthwhile. Beside me was a miniature Christmas tree with wrapped boxes beneath it. I moved one of the boxes with my foot. Empty. Then I saw the place where they accept payment. The till was open. There was money. What madness was this? Anyone could come in and rob the place. I wondered weather anyone had ever attempted to rob a dental surgery. If not, they were missing a trick.


I took a seat on one of the green chairs and opened a magazine. Then I heard my name being called. It was a short man with thick dark hair, grinning. His teeth were brilliantly white.

“My Loton?”


“Follow me.”

I stood up. “You know somebody should man the reception,” I told him …


I got into the room and lay in the surgical chair. A lady walked in. Mask covering the lower half of her face. The whites of her eyes were very bright. I sensed kindness in her.

“Hello,” I said, smiling.

She didn’t say anything. Instead she thrust a pair of clear glasses into my hand. I slid them on. They were large, like the ones you wore in the science lab at school. I had used a smaller pair the day previous. But these ones were ridiculously oversized. With them on I felt as if something serious was going to happen. I went to remove them.

“Keep then on,” she snapped, “It’s for your own safety.”


Then the dentist walked into the room. I assumed he was the dentist. But he couldn’t be. He looked to be around twelve years of age. His face was smooth, and his skin was brown, and he was young.

“How old are you?” I asked.

“Twenty four,” he replied.

“That’s awfully young to be a dentist.”

“It isn’t, Mr Loton. How old are you?”

“Don’t worry about how old I am. When I’m about to drill you, then you can worry about my age.”

“Hehehehehe. You have a wicked sense of humour.”

“Some people just say I’m wicked.”

“Hehehehehe. I like you.”

“Well, I haven’t decided weather or not I like you yet.”

He strolled over to a computer in the corner of the room, hit some buttons then strolled back over.

“Your not my usual guy,” I told him. “Where’s the usual guy?”

“He he. It’s Christmas Eve. I’m the only dentist working.” He sat beside me on a swivel, and opened a draw, removing a long, sharp tool, with a serrated edge. He started staring at the instrument intently.

“You drew the short straw?” I asked.

“In a way.”

“What way is that?”

“I enjoy my work. Now how can I help?”

“It my wisdom tooth. I was in here yesterday, but the pain was minimal. Now it’s not so minimal. It’s fucking maximum.”

“Hahahahahahahaha. Ok, open up. Lets have a look.”

The chair went back. He got his tool into my mouth and started poking around. Then he began banging teeth with a metal object.

“How does this feel, Mr. Loton?”

“Yeah, okay.”

“This?” Whack …


“This?” Whack …


“This?” Whack …


“Yes, yes,” he said, excitedly. “The problem is you don’t have a wisdom tooth at the bottom. The one at the top has nothing to bite down against. We can perform an extraction.”

This sounded terrible.

“I see. Well,” I exhaled, “Lets take it out. I’m ready … I’m ready.”

“Hehehehe. We don’t need to do that just yet.”

“Thank goodness.”

“Just take these pills and make sure you to focus on that area when brushing. It will bleed, but that’s fine. The swelling will go down.”

“Well. Okay then.” I sat up. “Thank you.”

“No charge today,” he said. “Its Christmas after all.”

“That’s very kind of you, thanks. You know,” I told him as I opened the door. “Someone really should be manning the reception area …”


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